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U.K. Constructions specifications will set out most of the materials you intend to use, however, you may not have made some of your final decisions on finishing’s and this is normal. We will assure you understand how much has been allocated towards these undefined materials as a budgeted item in the specification. For instance, the word “bathtub” could mean a $350 standard tub or a $2,000 soaker tub.

Now that U.K. Construction has completed your plans and permitting, we can estimate your project. It is our hope that we have kept it within the realistic budget we discussed in the design stage. The total project cost and payment timetable will be clearly defined in our specification. The payment schedule will include an initial deposit of 10% at the signing of our contract and progress payments expected at various milestones.


We will provide and respect your estimated project schedule. We know that renovations involve a degree of inconvenience and will endeavor to complete your project in a timely manner. However, some issues may arise such as you our client adding work, strikes and weather.


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